About the company

Technologies and entertainment – Tet LLC fuses these two worlds into one modern company driving digital progress.

Tet brand represents the tech side, broadband internet, safe data transfers and storage as well as innovations, while Helio embodies the passionate or entertainment side of the company advancing television platforms, channels with original content, packing e-sports arenas while searching and testing everything we will be passionate about tomorrow.

Tet | Lattelecom uzņēmums


Zīmols - Tet


Open and human tech brand working, creating, experimenting and making sure to bring practical value from cutting the technologies into our everyday life and work.

Zīmols - Helio


The passionate side of Tet company which comprises top digital entertainment options and is always available in all your screens, letting you enjoy captivating, quality content.

Zīmols - Overkill


A launch platform for start-ups ready to beat and surpass (or overkill) themselves and others to become to leaders of their fields or pioneers of new business frontiers.

Zīmols - 1188


Latvia’s biggest and most popular inquiry service delivering quick and reliable information.

Zīmols - Citrus Solutions

Citrus Solutions

Leading engineering design and construction company in Latvia offering a complete development cycle - from sketching and consulting to construction and maintenance.

Zīmols - Hypertown


Urban Culture and eSports Festival held regularly in Riga and Tallinn every year offers a wide choice of entertainment and fun for the whole family.

Zīmols - BDA


The Baltic Computer Academy (Baltijas Datoru Akadēmija) is the largest professional development and certification center in the Baltic States, offering over 200 different courses for digital professionals.

Zīmols - BDA

Data Experts

Data Experts is a Tet group company specializing in IT security and data protection services. Our specialists carry out extensive work on personal data safety and IT security, performing security audits and improvement projects, as well as providing data centre services in export markets.